Commonly asked questions about contributions. Direct other questions to us at support@veritas.org.

Where can I send a cheque?
You can mail a cheque to the address below. If you are giving for a specific university or project, please list the campus or project in the memo line. 

The Veritas Forum
One Broadway, 14th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138

How can I make a gift of stock or securities?
Contact our office by phone or email:
(617) 491-2055 x1

What does my money go toward when I donate? 
All individual donations go directly toward campus Veritas Forums unless otherwise requested. Each campus forum is an indigenous event, drawing in leadership, vision, administration and funding primarily from the sponsoring university communities. Because the forums are created and hosted by local volunteers we are able to give all funds toward the logistics of forum itself, such as honorariums for our presenters, room rentals, publicity, recording the events, etc. 

How much do I have to give to make a difference?
Whether you can give one dollar or thousands of dollars, every gift matters and makes a difference in the number and quality of campus forums. 

What if I want to support a specific campus's Veritas Forum? 
We encourage you to support your local university or your alma mater. Just include the name of the university on your cheque and we will designate your funds accordingly. 

How can I give? 
Credit card: 
You can donate to The Veritas Forum online safely and securely through PayPal. 
Click here to go to our online donation form. 

Mail checks to our office at:
The Veritas Forum 
One Broadway, 14th Floor 
Cambridge, MA 02142 

Stocks and Securities: 
Contact our office for more details.
(617) 491-2055 x1

Is my gift tax-deductible? 
Yes. The Veritas Forum is a non-profit organization pursuant to Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

Will I receive a receipt? 
Yes, you will receive a receipt by mail for each contribution. You will also receive a year-end summary for annual gifts totaling more than $250.