Veritas at Oxford
Monday, November 14, 2016

Has Christianity been discredited by its history?

November 14, 2016 at 7:30 pm
Has Christianity been discredited by its history?

At the Veritas Forum Oxford 2016, three Oxbridge historians, Imaobong UmorenSujit Sivasundaram and Stephen Tuck will discuss whether modern Christian history is a story of racial rights or of imperialistic oppression.

Sheldonian Theatre

There will be a wine reception following the event

Entry to this event is free of charge



About the Presenters

Imaobong Umoren is a graduate of King’s College London and the University of Oxford and a former Fulbright Scholar at Harvard University. She is interested in the history of women, gender, and race across the nineteenth and twentieth century global African diaspora and is Career Development Fellow in Women in the Humanities at Pembroke College and The Oxford Centre for Research in the Humanities (TORCH).

Sujit Sivasundaram was born and educated in Sri Lanka and came to Cambridge in 1994 to study engineering and then natural sciences and history and philosophy of science. In 2008-10 he taught at the London School of Economics in South Asian and Imperial History. In 2012 he was awarded a Philip Leverhulme Prize for History and is now Reader in World History at the University of Cambridge

Stephen Tuck was born and educated in the United Kingdom and studied history in Cambridge and in the United States.  His research interests include modern race equality struggles in Britain and America, the relationship between religion and racism, and the writing of national history. He is now Professor of Modern History at Oxford.

History at Veritas at Oxford

The Veritas Forum has been a presence in Oxford for several years, hosting discussions on topics such as secularism and faith in the public square; friendship, community and social media; Christianity, Judaism and Islam in the public square; colonialism and missionary legacies in Africa; issues surrounding world poverty; and what it means to be human in an age of science.

In 2013, Veritas team was pleased to host the 2013 Veritas Forum at Oxford on the theme of just war and humanitarian intervention, with two distinguised speakers:

Professor Nigel Biggar (Christ Church, Oxford)

The Rt Hon Clare Short (Former UK Secretary of State for International Development)

The forum was held at 7.30 pm Thursday 14 November 2013, Garden Auditorium at St John's College

In 2012, The Veritas Forum hosted Senior Representative at IMF and former Senior Policy Advisor to the UK Treasury Paul Mills as keynote speaker in “Losing Interest? Imagining a Financial System without Debt”. Jenny Corbett, Reader in the Economy of Japan, and Prof Colin Meyer of the Saïd Business School, responded with their perspectives in a moderated discussion.

In 2011, The Veritas Forum at Oxford explored friendship, community and social media in “The Social Net(works?)”. Philosophical theologian Prof Graham Ward, evolutionary anthropologist Prof Robin Dunbar and Head of Strategic Marketing at IMVU Jenny Rutherford, brought their faith, research and experience to bear on the question.

In 2010, philosopher Prof John Haldane and author and journalist Christopher Hitchens debated the question of whether secularism or a faith-based worldview provides a superior philosophy for the public square in “We Don’t Do God?

In 2008, The Veritas Forum at Oxford arranged a panel discussion titled “Blessed are the Poor” with church minister Rev Cyprian Yobera, economist and Pro Vice Chancellor at Oxford Andrew Dilnot, and Director of Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative Sabina Alkire. There was also “Blessed are the Poor: A Young Development Practitioners’ Forum” with Director of St Paul’s Institute Edmund Newell and a “Rich/Poor Dinner” with Tearfund Leadership Team Member, David Westlake.