Why We Exist

The Veritas Forum was started at Harvard in 1992 by a group of students, faculty, and ministers, led by Kelly Monroe Kullberg, as a response to an emptiness on campus. Universities, they perceived, had stopped addressing the most important questions of life: “What does it mean to be human? Why is there evil and suffering? Is there any meaning in death?” These questions cannot be avoided: in fact, an ongoing UCLA study shows that over 50% of entering freshmen hope to explore and define their beliefs during college. Yet the classroom rarely allows students to engage questions of meaning, purpose, or faith. 

By marginalizing such questions, universities fail to provide students a space to develop a coherent worldview, and this makes it difficult for many to integrate their academic knowledge with their lives. Veritas steps into this void, creating a forum where people of all religious and cultural backgrounds are welcomed to explore ideas. Veritas encourages students to pursue Truth, connect their academic and vocational life to Christ, and emerge with clarity and a hope-filled vision for our world.