Where We Are

The Veritas Forum is currently partnering with more than 60 leading universities in Europe and North America. We are also currently evaluating invitations from other universities around the world.

Because of our commitment to personalised support of each planning team and the limitations of our current resources, we are not able to accept every invitation at this stage. However, we are continually growing and extending our capacity to meet the needs of schools that have the vision and resources to begin a long-term partnership. If you are interested in starting a Veritas Forum at your school, click here

The following campuses have held at least one Veritas Forum. For a list of active campuses this year, visit the Forum calendar page.

United Kingdom

University of Cambridge
University of Oxford


University of Toronto
University of Western Ontario
York University


Le Mans
Paris Left Bank


Free University of Amsterdam
Leiden University

United States

Amherst College
Brown University 
Connecticut College 
Harvard University 
Haverford College 
Mount Holyoke College 
Rhode Island School of Design 
Smith College 
Tufts University 
UMass Amherst
University of New Hampshire 
Williams College 
Yale University
Bryn Mawr College 
Carnegie Mellon University 
Columbia University 
George Mason University
Johns Hopkins University 
New York University 
Penn State University 
Princeton University 
Swarthmore College 
University of Pennsylvania 
University of Pittsburgh 
United States Military Academy, West Point 
United States Naval Academy

Boise State University 
Hope College 
Indiana University
Iowa State University
Macalester College
Mayo Clinic 
Northwestern University 
Ohio State University 
Purdue University
University of Arizona 
University of Chicago 
University of Iowa 
University of Kansas 
University of Michigan 
University of Minnesota 
University of Nebraska 
University of Northern Iowa 
University of Wisconsin 
Washington University
Duke University 
Emory University 
Florida State University 
Georgetown University 
Georgia Institute of Technology 
Louisiana State University 
Oglethorpe University 
Rice University 
Southern Methodist University 
Texas A&M University 
Texas Women’s University 
Tulane University 
University of Florida 
University of Georgia 
University of Kentucky 
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
University of North Carolina, Asheville 
University of North Texas 
University of Oklahoma
University of Tennessee, Knoxville 
University of Texas, Austin 
University of Virginia 
Virginia Tech 
Western Kentucky University
Arizona State University 
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo 
California State University, Fresno 
Claremont McKenna College 
Naval Post Graduate School 
Northern Arizona University 
Oregon State University 
Pomona College
Reed College 
Stanford University 
UC Berkeley 
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC San Diego
UC San Francisco
UC Santa Barbara
UC Santa Cruz
University of Colorado, Boulder 
University of Southern California