Who We Are

Our Mission

Watch our Intro Video!Where does morality come from? Isn't science rapidly approaching a complete explanation of nature? Do you ever have doubts about your views?

University students around the world are asking themselves and their friends these questions, but there is often no real place to explore these questions alongside brilliant faculty and leading thinkers. And, despite his undeniable prominence, Jesus is almost never brought into the picture.

The Veritas Forum exists to change that landscape. We host university events that engage students and faculty in discussions about life's hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ to all of life. "We" refers to the hundreds of university community members who desire to host, plan, and coordinate a Veritas Forum on their local campuses, and the headquarter team in Cambridge, MA, with regional staff across Europe and North America. We seek to inspire the shapers of tomorrow's culture to connect their hardest questions with the person and story of Jesus Christ.

Where does the name The Veritas Forum come from? Many leading universities, including Yale, Michigan and Harvard, have included the Latin word veritas in their mottos, signifying the pursuit of truth. This pursuit has been the foundation for much of the educational system for generations. Our name, The Veritas Forum, evokes our desire to explore the ideal that veritas represents. We seek to explore, discuss, engage, inspire, question, and enlarge our view of true life together.